[CQ-Contest] WAE Summary?

Glenn D. O'Donnell gdo at aloft.micro.lucent.com
Tue Sep 23 14:59:12 EDT 1997

Is anyone summarizing the WAE Phone scores? If so, please post the summary
to the reflector or post a web address where we can find more info.
I saw two web addresses posted before for the Bavarian Contest Club but
neither will work for me.

73 ES CU in the CQWW RTTY this weekend!  ... and I finally have the WF1B
software to make life easier!

de Glenn, K3PP

P.S. Maybe this will help break the string of "CQ didn't send me my trophy!"
     flames!  :-)  I finally qualify for a certificate myself.  Apparently
     I better be patient!  HI!

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