[CQ-Contest] DXTelnet, DX4Wiin, and Logic4

Jim Reid jreid at aloha.net
Tue Sep 23 17:39:39 EDT 1997


A few days ago,  ON4UN posted a very complete review of the DX4WIN
Windows 95 logging program.  Also posted elsewhere  has been information 
about the DXTelnet program,  and a coming new version of LOGic: V5 for

I have all three,  well,  not quite as my LOGic is still 4 for Windows.
However,  I must say they are excellent packages,  and especially the
pair, DX4WIN and DXTelnet working together and controlling my FT-1000D.
Have never before, out here on this island, had access to a real  DX
cluster spotting node;  now have access to them all over the world,  with
simultaneous spots also from the OH2BUA web cluster--just amazing; and
duplicates are filtered.  It is just astounding to me to see the spots
color coded by DX4WIN depending upon an instant analysis of my log
as to whether the spot is a new one for me on this band,  this mode,
all time new one,  etc.!!  If it is all time new,  the spot is bright
RED!  I used the ADIF log import/export utility now in both LOGic and
DX4WIN to move my four years worth of logs from LOGic into the new
DX4WIN program,   went slick as a whistle!  Also moved everything into
my store-house logger,  WJ2O's Master Logger,  which I use because of
it's excellent variety and comprehensive sorts of reports which may be

I will probably be using DX4WIN most of the time now when DX'ing,  as
LOGic does not have the ability to import the spot to the radio instantly
with a mouse click as does DX4WIN.  LOGic displays and filters the spots,
but you must enter the frequency manually into the rig,  at least I have
not found a way to do with LOGic what DX4WIN does!!

None of this could be done out here without the DXTelnet program by
IK4VYX,  Fabrizio.

I actually use two computers here in the radio room: the first is connected
to the Internet, contains the DXTelnet program, and, when DX'ing, is
Telneted to the N7TR node on the West Coast and simultaeously connected to the
clinet.fi web cluster world desk of OH2BUA.  Spots from both are imported
to DX4WIN which is on the second computer,  the radio,  log program computer,
(and rotor control when I get Com 3 and Com 4 to work,  darn things;  Com
3 will respond to a modem,  but not to the Sartek1 rotor control gadget).

It is a trivial set up to have the DXTelnet in a separate computer, as I 
have done,  or to have it in the same computer controlling the rig, the
logging, the Internet and doing the Telneting,  all at the same time,
if you have well behaved serial ports, and enough of them!  DXTelent
can use either one or two serial ports to do these amazing things;
Fabrizio,  the program author,  has just been fantastic in helping
me get this set up going;  only because of my great ignorance about
computers was so much of his help needed, thought he is in Italy,  
we must have exchanged close to 12 e-mails, each way,  as I found my
way through the connection and set up.  But once set up,  what an
amazing set of programs.  You can learn all about Fabrizio's
DXTelnet at:   


As soon as I receive my copy of LOGic5 for Windows and get set up,  I will
post a report on the integration with that program;  but for now the
integration with the program ON4UN brought to our attention, DX4WIN,
the integration and usefulness is exceptional!! BTW info about
DX4WIN is found at:


I need to say I have no financial connection to any of these guys,  their
programs,  or in any other way,  other than that I have bought and paid
for each of these programs,and am amazingly pleased with the performance 
and new value being brought into my radio experience using them!!

Have fun,  I am,  good DX'ing.

73,  Jim, KH7M
On the Garden Island of Kauai
Hawaiian Islands

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