[CQ-Contest] Short 1 Hand and a foot left over.

Bob Patten n4bp at shadow.net
Wed Sep 24 02:57:55 EDT 1997

On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Ward Silver wrote:

> I could never remember where the INS key was when the PCs all had the
> different keyboards (when I was using CT & NA), so I got a lever-type
> microswitch and wired it across the INS key contacts.  Then I mounted it
> on a little piece of perf-board and stuck it to the keyboard with
> double-sided tape.  THEN, I glued a BIG RED POKER CHIP to the lever.  I
> never missed the key, ever again. 
Before each contest, I stick a round red Avery label on the INS key with
"XCG" written on it.  Then a green label on the "=" key with "TU" on it.
Whichever keyboard I'm using, they make eassy targets...  This for NA..

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