[CQ-Contest] Cuba Libre heads south

John Downing jdowning at intelenet.net
Wed Sep 24 19:17:10 EDT 1997

Hi there buckarenas and buckaroos,

Once again the Cuba Libre Contesters head south to the sunny
climes of Ambergris Caye, Belize for another CQWW SSB contest.  We
haven't been back to our station at the Belize Yacht Club since
the 1996 ARRL SSB DX contest, having taken a Caribbean detour to 
8P9Z for last year's CQWW SSB and passed on the ARRL this year due 
to general lack of interest and sunspots.  So who knows what's 
left of our antennas?  We'll be arriving a scant 24 hours before 
the contest starts so you can bet we'll be doing the one armed 
paper hanger thing!  Willing victims this year include Vic KI6IM, 
myself, and Tom KM6K.  You might recognize Tom - he's the general 
manager of the local Ham Radio Outlet here in San Diego.  After 
hearing years of BS from me about how much fun it is to do a 
contest from V31DX he's called our bluff.  In retaliation he's 
being assigned the all night shift on 40 - Vic and I have claimed the
backup 160 daytime and 10 evening shifts respectively...  So 
we'll be rockin and rollin and dishin out the Qs.  Since we only 
have a single radio (a TRUE multi-single!!) we're just gonna run 
'em and pass on the mult chasing...

Jerry AA6BB has been our QSL manager for years - a thankless job 
that he did with humor and great diligence.  We Cuba Libre 
Contesters will really miss Jerry.  With his passing we will need 
another manager.  Does anybody on the reflector know someone to 
fill Jerry's shoes?

best to all,

John W2NA / V31DX
Tom KM6K
Bill WA9L

The Cuba Libre Contest Club V31DX

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