[CQ-Contest] Re: WPX trophy and apologies to KV0Q

Sergio Manrique Almeida smanrique at redestb.es
Thu Sep 25 19:13:43 EDT 1997

andy stchislenok wrote:

> Dear Sergio, if You think a little bit you will admitt that you are
> wrong.. Sponsor is responsible (well, not responsible but volunteering)
> for providing his money to the director of this Contest. That is it.
> Think, as many sponsors as many Trophies, right? And you think that
> every sponsor will take care of making his Plaque? Of course not.. he is
> just a payer. 

Dear Andy, 

Tnx for the info and my apologies to KV0Q. According to the replies, I
was in the wrong side.


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