[CQ-Contest] CQ Trophies: Stop WHINING and ACT now!!

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Fri Sep 26 12:48:00 EDT 1997

Fellow Contesters-waiting-for-your-1995-Certificate-or-Trophy,

I have been following the recent discussion with great interest since I
also await a trophy for the 1995 CQ WW DX Contest. There were 21 messages
on the Reflector on this topic (...this time...) and it seems that noone
has been receiving a trophy for the 1995 WWDX and WPX contests and some
people still wait for the awards.

There are more than 100 trophies for the 1995 CQWW DX Contests (>5000$...)
plus some more for the WPX Contests waiting to be sent to their winners.

  But talk on the Reflector is cheap! Do you really believe the CQ
  bosses know what is discussed here or in Contesters' meetings...?

The Contest RESULTS are out for at least a year now. There have been
offers for assistance on the reflector, but there has not been a word or
reaction from CQ Inc. here on what is (not) going on.

At CQ Communications, they seem to live in a big bubble and some sporadic 
complaint reaching them apparently does not help. But I wonder what they 
will do if they get a bunch of 50+ letters from all over the world from 
well-known (or not-so-well-known) Contesters...

   >>                                                              <<
   >>  So, I ask all trophy winners *and* donors to send a letter  <<
   >>  to CQ today, inquiring for the whereabouts of the trophies. <<
   >>                                                              <<

My courteous but distinct letter to the EDITOR Mr. Alan Dorhoffer, K2EEK
will be in the mail by this evening...

   CQ Magazine
   Mr. Alan Dorhoffer, K2EEK
   76 N. Broadway
   Hicksville, New York 11801

CQ presents itself on the WWW as the *proud sponsors* of the CQ Contests.
And they say on their Web site:
  "We love to hear from our readers and learn what you're thinking!"

So let's tell them! Spend a few minutes and cents today to wake them up!

73, Uli, DL2HBX

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