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Hello contesters....

I was asked to forward this message, word for word, to the general reflector.
de Doug  KR2Q

In a message dated 97-09-26 16:24:16 EDT, K3EST wrote:

<< Dear Contesters,
 The winners of trophies and certificates in the CQWW are right to
 expect delivery of their CQWW awards.
 The important fact raised by the letters written to the CQ-Contest
 reflector is that CQ should act to send you the award you deserve
 in a timely manner. So no excuses are offered here. We know, and
 you know that such talk is beside the point. What is important is
 that you, the entrant, have your award in your hands. The CQWW
 Committee knows this very well and we are working very hard to
 delivery your award.
 Here is a REAL status report:
 All 1995 certificates were sent out several months ago. If there
 has been a delivery problem regarding your award, we must rely on
 you, the entrant to let us know. We received about 50 certificates
 returned from the 1995 mailing because the address on the cover
 sheet was no longer correct. It is obvious that a significant
 amount of time has elapsed from the time you mailed your log (DEC1
 1995 or Jan 15 1996) and the time they were mailed out in July
 1997. If your address did change and you have not received your
 certificate please contact the awards address. The CQWW address
 <awards at cqww.com> was set up several months ago and announced on
 this reflector. A message to that address is answered. To name a
 few who have requested help replacing lost awards or non-delivery:
 9K2HN, IT9BLB, W7WHY, 6E2T, HS5ABD.....Not all awards are
 immediately delivered to the requester since we may have to try
 locate or print historical awards if possible. We will try our best
 to fulfill reasonable missing award requests.
 The 1995 trophies have been engraved. They are being sent out at
 this time.
 The 1996 awards are on schedule and are not late in their delivery.
 Awards can only be acted upon after the final results are complied.
 For the SSB CQWW, the final results are known by about July 20th.
 For CW it is a month later, about August 20th. Very soon after the
 results are finished, the awards are approached.
 The goal, which will be reached, is to have all awards for
 the 1996 (certificates and trophies) mailed before each event
 occurs this year. In the future we are working to automate the
 award system. We can then have awards mailed to you at the same
 time as the magazine arrives in the USA (SSB=AUG 15; CW=Sept=15).
 At this time several persons are working to reach the goal of
 delivery of your award and future automation: K1AR, K3EST, W0UN and
 Many people have volunteered to help us with delivery etc. The CQWW
 Committee really appreciates your generous offers. Although, the
 process is now under control there are many ways to help. For
 example, WZ4F, who was placed in the wrong zone of the Most Active
 Zone box, in June 1997 volunteered to help proof read that box to
 make sure all was OK. He was sent the box to proof read. This
 activism by the contest community to help is very useful.
 As always occurs, some errors creep into the final results. I have
 been notified about several errata that have occurred in the CQWW
 1996 results. Each case has already been personally answered and an
 appropriate correction will be placed in K1AR's column in CQ
 So...here are the addresses you should write down for future
 1. ssb at cqww.com   = e-mail submission of SSB CQWW logs. See rules
 or write-up for proper format.
 2. cw at cqww,com    = e-mail submission of CW CQWW logs. See rules or
 write-up for proper format.
 3. questions at cqww.com  = this address is for general questions
 about the rules or CQWW; requests for an entrant's computer
 analysis or other information.
 4. awards at cqww.com   = inquires about a missing CQWW(ONLY CQWW)
 award, or entrant's adr change for award delivery. Please include
 answers to the following: YEAR OF AWARD, MODE, CERTIFICATE OR
 AND ADDRESS WHERE AWARD SHOULD BE SENT. Do not request missing 1996
 awards until Dec 1997.
 I think contesters will realize that the CQWW is trying very hard
 to fulfill it's award obligation to the winners.
 All winners of the 1996 CQWW will have their award mailed by Oct
 20/Nov 20, 1997. After a reasonable mail delivery time, if you are
 still missing an award you can contact <awards at cqww.com>. We will
 take your request seriously and respond.
 Bob, K3EST
 CQWW Director
 k3est at netcom.com

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