[CQ-Contest] 2N2222 Equiv?

K4OJ at aol.com K4OJ at aol.com
Sat Sep 27 22:12:04 EDT 1997

I am trying to build up a keying interface so my computer software can key my
rig on cw and also actuate the ptt line...the diagram I am looking at calls
for 2N2222 transistors for both applications...

Radio Shack does NOT stock 2N2222's - bu tthey do stock 2N3053's....I think
from my QCAO reading of the ARRL Handbook that this should work as a
replacement...but if it doesn't glow in the dark I do not know anything about
it, filaments and clicking relays I can relate to....

If you are transistor literate, do you think that the 2N3053 will handle
keying the positive keying of my solid state rig, and the actuation of its
PTT line?

Thanks, my junkbox has u-bolts and wrenches....I am glad to reciprocate with
a wrench twisting tip!

If this will work I can simply go to Radio Shack on Sunday and scarf the
2N3053's up....


Jim, K4OJ

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