[CQ-Contest] Domestic Contest Antenna heights.

T. A. Russell n4kg at juno.com
Sun Sep 28 20:51:09 EDT 1997

FORTY   FEET   with a Tribander.

On Sun, 28 Sep 1997 13:47:57 -0400 "Ramirez, Kenneth (EXCH)"
<KRAMIREZ at intermedia.com> writes:
>              I'm busy at work trying to get the station ready for the 
>ARRL SS SSB contest. I saw a definite need for a decent 20 and 15m 
>antenna during last year's SS. My miserable QSO totals on 20 and 15 
>gave me the necessary kick in the ass to get a game plan in action.
>             Yesterday, the new 70 foot tower went up and is now ready 
>for the 20m antenna. The plan is to stick a 3 el 20m yagi on top at 
>the 72 foot level. I also plan on putting a 3 el 15 monobander on a 
>separate 50 foot tower at 53 feet and a 5 el 10m yagi for 10m on 
>another 40 foot tower at 43 feet. I want to maximize the high band 
>signals for the West coast. The heights for each of the above 
>mentioned antennas is roughly a little more than a wavelength for each 
>for 15 and 20 and almost 1.5 WL for 10 meters.

	1 WL = 14.5 degrees = first lobe at 1200 miles
	and FIRST  NULL  at  500 to 800 miles...is THAT what you want?

	 (you need HIGH and LOW antennas to cover
	  ALL the angles that the ionosphere will support)

	.........de   Tom   N4KG

>             What is the consensus on the best antenna heights for 
>East coast to West coast or vice versa coverage on the high bands for 
>the Domestic contests? A question for you guys on the West coast. Who 
>are the LOUD guys you work on then EAST coast during the Domestic 
>contests?  The QTH here is Western South Carolina. Your thoughts and 
>ideas are appreciated.
>  73 Ken n4uk
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