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<< Can anyone define - "Spirit of the Contest"?   I would be interested to
 your thoughts. >>

in rte spirit of pormoting competition that is indeed mna against man...the
sponsors I feel are trying to say that you did not cheat by using a loop hole
in the wording of the rules to allow you an advantage the other guys' lawyers
couldn't find!

If you do the right thing, there is never a question as to this
sentence....if you use questionable practices then this sentence sticks in
your craw....

Like steroids in professional athletics...or a big linear amp called
Campbell's....these are obviously  not within the spirit of competing, but
within the spirit of breaking the rules.

Every contester should spend time before each contest re-reading this years
rules, I think that after the contest is over anyone will know if they were
indeed part of an operation that was of the right "spirit".

GL - its ok to wish an opponent good luck, just stay the hell off my
frequency  :-)   .... 



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