[CQ-Contest] Plaques on WWW?

Dick Zwirko dz at VOA.GOV
Mon Sep 29 09:15:41 EDT 1997

Plaque Idea
Seeing all of the recent postings on so many plaques not being
received got me to thinking.... and that could be dangerous, hi.

Now why would anybody want to receive a plaque, only to collect dust in
a room full of radio junk for so few to see?  Why not have a picture
of a plaque, engraved in pixels with the callsign of the winning station
posted on a World Wide Web site for the WORLD TO SEE!!! 

I'm sure that there are a number of such WWW sites that would be more than
glad to archive plaque pictures for the Contesting community to gawk at.
What say? 

 73 de Rich - K1HTV
 dz at voa.gov
 (see you on 160M from W3LPL in CQWW)

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