[CQ-Contest] Plaques on WWW?

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Mon Sep 29 10:14:59 EDT 1997

If anyone wants to go forward with this idea I have plenty 
of space for the web page and can do the programming.
The only thing I need is your information like which 
plaques you have won and for which contest/year/score, 
what ever is on the plaque. I guess this can be researched 
by looking at the scores from past contests. Perhaps 
someone has compiled a list and could pass it along. Also 
if anyone has any .jpg or .gif images of the award(s) 
please forward them to me. I also have a color scanner 
Thought I would offer.
CQ Contest,

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997 05:11:39 -0700  Dan Weisenburger 
>Hi Y'all,
>Rich has an interesting idea.
>On the other hand, I remember my first thought as I "went 
down the
>stairs" for the first time at W3LPL.  The wall in the 
hall of the
>stairwell is filled with plaques.  I was awe-struck!!  My 
own handfull
>of certificates pales by comparison in the extreme.
>I do have fun explaining to non-hams who come to visit 
what the
>certificates are for and even more fun showing the 
collection of exactly
>100 DXCC QSL's .  When I tell guests that those are cards 
from 100
>different countries (Actual countries you can find on a map) they are
>awe-struck.  Some day I might find a way to win a plaque, until then,
>I'll hang up what I got.
>Even a certificate that says #1 U.S.A. in some obscure catagory is
>pretty nice.
>73  Dan,  KW4T
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>From Jan-Eric Rehn <jan-eric.rehn at swipnet.se>  Tue Sep 30 00:37:36 1997
From: Jan-Eric Rehn <jan-eric.rehn at swipnet.se> (Jan-Eric Rehn)
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 01:37:36 +0200
Subject: [CQ-Contest] SAC CW 1997 Raw Scores
Message-ID: <199709300137.DAA02310 at mb05.swip.net>


I have collected a few results and summary sheets for the 
Scandinavian Activity Contest CW 1997 and made a list of Raw 
Scores on my site "SM3CER Contest Service". If you'd like to be on 
that list please send me your score and if you like also your 
summary sheet with your comments (long or short). I will also 
collect the scores for the SSB part.

For the list I need the category (Single Op., Multi Op., QRP or 
whatever), your call, QSOs, QSO points, multipliers and final 

You can find the Raw Scores if you click on "September" in the 
calendar, look for "The 39th Scandinavian Activity Contest" and 
then click the green "Claim" button in the coloumn with the 
headline "Results".

I do NOT want any SAC logs this year. Please send them to:

     NRRL Contest Manager
     LA9HW - Jan Almedal
     N-1825  TOMTER

or you can send your log via e-mail to:

     sac at contesting.com

73 de Jan

SM3CER - Jan-Eric Rehn
SSA Contest Manager - SWEDEN
SK3BG Webmaster

E-mail: sm3cer at contesting.com
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   URL: http://www.sk3bg.se/contest    (SM3CER Contest Service)
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