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Mon Sep 29 22:36:23 EDT 1997

Hey, everybody-

I got this note from an extremely disgruntled ham. Anybody else get this
lovely comment? 

Callsign omitted to protect the "innocent:"

>I hope you enjoyed your weekend of RTTY operation because you and many 
>RTTY jerks ruined the weekend for many others!
>I guess when there is a "CONTEST",  it gives you and the other 
>people like you the right to jump on any freq. that you want so you 
>"Score the Big One".  I truly hope that you did "WIN" because the 
>you have established will be with you for a long long time.
>There are some of us left on the ham bands that respect one another 
>and the
>"Gentleman's Agreement"  that has been around for many many years.  
>Some day
>when your not too busy "qrm'ing" everyone on the bands, you might wish 
>take a look and see just what it might say.  I realize that you're 
>I.Q. is
>quite small, but if you can find someone who will talk to you, perhaps 
>will read it and explain it to you.  I believe everyone has the 
>potential to
>learn--even mindless people like you.  The problem that you have is 
>to find someone with any intellegence at all that will associate with 
>The next time there's an RTTY contest, why don't you just expand your
>operations  to the 11 Meter band--you'll find lots of people just like 
>on that band.  I'm surprised that you ever left there.
>Next time, before you hit the xmit key, look and listen!
>If you have absolutely no idea of what I am speaking.  Let me know and 
>see if I can find some pictures that you might be able to understand.  
>give up, there is always hope.
>Warmest regards.

Am I the only victim of this person's tirade?



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