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I2UIY i2uiy at contesting.com
Tue Sep 30 22:28:10 EDT 1997

***** EU SPRINT 1997 *****

The EU Sprint Gang hereby invites you to participate in the  two 
European Sprint Contests held in Autumn 1997

Entrants:  any  licensed station may enter the  Sprint.  European 
stations can work everybody, stations outside of Europe can  work 
only European stations.

Categories: Single Operator ONLY. Only ONE signal may be aired at 
one time.

SSB:  first  Saturday in October - 4 October 1997  -  managed  by 
CW:   second Saturday in October - 11 October 1997 -  managed  by 

Time: from 15:00 UTC until 18:59 UTC.

Bands:  20,  40 and 80 meters only. Pilot frequencies  are:  SSB: 
14.250, 7.050, 3.730. CW: 14.040, 7.025, 3.550

Exchange: all of the following data MUST BE PART OF THE EXCHANGE:
a) your callsign, 
b) the other station's callsign,
c) your serial number starting from 001 (RST not required),
d) your name or nickname.
Please  note  that  BOTH  callsigns  MUST  be  repeated  by  BOTH 
A valid exchange is: "OK2FD de I2UIY 118 Paolo" while "OK2FD  118 
Paolo" is NOT a valid exchange.

Special QSY Rule: if any station initiates a call (by sending CQ, 
QRZ?, etc.), he is permitted to work ONLY one station on the same 
frequency. He must thereafter move AT LEAST 2 (two) kHz before he 
may  call  another station or before he may  solicit  again  (CQ, 
QRZ?, etc.) other calls.

Valid  contacts:  valid contacts are QSOs  correctly  logged  and 
confirmed. Each operator may use ONE and ONLY one name during the 
Sprint. If the exchange is copied incorrectly, that operator will 
receive  zero  (0) points. In case of miscopied  callsigns,  both 
stations will receive zero (0) points for that QSO.

Scoring: each valid QSO counts one 1 (one) point. The final score 
is the total number of QSOs.

Awards:  there are NO awards or prizes since these contests  have 
been created to test the individual skills only. Results will  be 
forwarded   as  soon  as  possible  to  Leagues,  magazines   and 

Logs: a single chronological log is required. PLEASE SEND US YOUR 
LOG ON A FLOPPY DISK. Use any of the available software or send a 
plain  ASCII  file.  A separate summary sheet  is  required  too. 
Please  send us the right files: if you use DL2NBU's sw, we  want 
yourcall.ASC  file,  if you use N6TR's sw, we  want  yourcall.DAT 
file,  if you use the IK4EWK's sw, we want yourcall.DBF file,  if 
you use the EI5DI's sw, we want yourcall.LOG file.  If you   want  
the   latest release of the DL2NBU  software,  you  can  download   
it     from    the    BCC     homepage:      http://www.rrze.uni-
erlangen.de/~unrz45/BCC. The link for downloading SPRINT.EXE  is: 
Logs must be sent NO later than 15 days after the contest to  the 
appropriate address:
Autumn SSB Sprint: Paolo Cortese, I2UIY, P. O.  Box  14,  27043 
                   Broni (PV), Italy.
Autumn CW Sprint: Karel Karmasin, OK2FD, Gen. Svobody 636, 674 01 
                  Trebic, Czech Republic.

Logs for any of the four events may also be sent by Internet Mail 
to  "eusprint at dl6rai.muc.de". The receipt of your electronic  log 
will be confirmed. If you don't receive a confirmation within two 
days, try again or use the postal system.

Thanks in advance for your participation de: G4BUO, I2UIY,  OK2FD 
& the B.C.C. Sprint Committee

[ ] Paolo Cortese, I2UIY / IQ2A / N7PMC / OK8AFL
[ ] P. O. Box 14 - 27043 Broni (PV) Italy
[ ] Phone 0039-385-53203
[ ] A.R.I. HF Contest Manager
[ ] A.R.I. QSL Bureau Manager
[ ] Eu Sprint Manager
[ ] E-mail: I2UIY at contesting.com

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