[CQ-Contest] Re: WPX Scoring Change for 1999!

Jan-Erik Holm JEH at on.mobile.telia.se
Fri Apr 17 13:06:24 EDT 1998

>CQ Magazine just hit my mailbox with the 97 WPX CW results....
>Tucked away at the very end of the article is the statement:
>"Beginning with the 1999 contest, the scoring will be changed to allow 1 point
>for in-country QSO's.  That's 1 point regardless of band"
>73, Ty K3MM
Yes that will kill the WPX contest and make it in to a 
stateside QSO party.
RIP CQ WW WPX may you be remembered a long time.

de Jim SM2EKM

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