[CQ-Contest] WPX Dates

Craig R. Cook cookc at teleport.com
Wed Apr 29 21:00:50 EDT 1998

Maybe this subject was beat to death previously, I am in the habit of 
deleting anything with "WPX" anywhere in the subject line.
The following appears in the May 1998 CQ magazine:

On page 13, N8BJQ says the dates for the 1998 contest are May 30-31.

On page 71, K1AR says May 24-25.

I learned not to take anything on any of the internet or www contest 
calendars as gospel, they are frequently wrong. Now the organizer's own rag 
is equally suspect. Makes it hard to make plans with the family and 
springtime activities. Oh well, I'll bet I find out the proper dates now.

					Craig - N7OR

             "We're hosed, eh!"
	     -The 1998 NJ Devils.	

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