Ken Silverman K2KW at prodigy.net
Sat Aug 1 09:54:15 EDT 1998

In the 1997 CQ WW CW Contest 5V7A and 6Y4A multi/multi stations had a
(very) friendly bet going.  High score wins - but scoring between the two
stations was essentially changed to a "line" score, where it was QSOs *
Mults = Final Score.  This is very similar to proposed idea by TJ.  

Both stations were within 3 mults (claimed) of each other, but 6Y4A had
somewhat over 1000 more QSOs than 5V7A.  So in this case, the
"disadvantaged" 2 point station was the winner.  A whole new level of
competition is opened with this kind of scoring system!  

The world wide contest if pretty darn good already, but this scoring change
would be one for the better.   The only potential disadvantage are deletion
of records...  so what if the PJ/P40 gang had to go back to defend itself? 
Boo hoo hoo... as some will cry - you would now void their hard efforts... 
(ain't life difficult?)

So many new world records are going to be set in the next few years, why
not change the rules now and be done with it!

Change is OK, especially if it promotes more activity and fun.

73, Kenny K2KW 

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