[CQ-Contest] K1DG as "Homer" WB4WBW/Willie Billy Fo

AA4NC at aol.com AA4NC at aol.com
Sun Aug 2 17:26:47 EDT 1998

Doug has now exposed our W4 deep dark secret for generating pileups and pileup
control. We rednecks have been doing this for years! 

When using this strategy, it helps to have current knowledge of NASCAR facts
(such as how Wonder Boy finished last week, and that "Dick Trickle" is not an
social disease).


You can sometimes get QSOs to magically appear by speaking the right language
or accent. I remember watching VP2EXX working huge numbers of UAs because he
had taken the time to learn not only Russian, but Russian slang and jargon.
Very few other NA stations were getting those Qs. This can also be true with
South Americans. A seemingly dead 10m band can be full of LU novices if you
speak their language.  

Doug's main point is right on - there is no "best way" to run or generate a
pileup. Each circumstance is unique, and those who are able to best "read" the
situation and take appropriate action (like bringing in Homer for a while) are
going to have the bigger numbers. 



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