[CQ-Contest] Another idea on CQWW dates

Alan Braun albraun at socket.net
Mon Aug 3 13:14:17 EDT 1998

I have another idea about dates for the CQWW contest that would mitigate,
although not completely solve,
the Thanksgiving problem for USA hams.  How about doing the following:

Even numbered years (1998,2000,2002 etc): SSB in Oct, CW in Nov
Odd numbered years (1999,2001,2003 etc): CW in Oct, SSB in Nov

This would have the disadvantage of making scores not directly comparable
from year to year due to
differences (probably not large ones though) in propagation, but would have
the advantage of reducing
holiday interference for many American hams, especially those like myself
who have a strong preference
for one mode or the other.

Just a thought.  Flame suit is on!

73- Alan NS0B/V31EV

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