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Mon Aug 3 18:05:14 EDT 1998

Kirk H Pengelly complained about working in retail putting a crimp in his CQ
WW CW plans.   I know exactly what he means as I used to herd customers off
the escalators at Rich's in Atlanta when I was a systems analyst there in
the middle 70's.  The day after Thanksgiving (USA) is the #1 retail day and
some stores make or break it that day.

For a number of years after that I worked in wholesale as MIS Director and
inventory weekend was always the last full weekend in October.  Thus little
or no CQ WW SSB for me.

There are other problems that can cause low activity, too.  In the Middle
East the weekend is Thursday and Friday!   Contests that run on Sunday run
into Monday morning in VK or JA.   Plus November is getting into early
summer QRN for contesters in South America.  We all remember those LU's
running away with 10 single band in both Oct and Nov.  Wonder where JC
LU1DAB/LU0DAB is these days?  He even won from his mobile station one year!

There is no ideal plan for setting contest dates and operating hours.  We
just make do and enjoy it all!

Dave K4JRB

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