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Tue Aug 4 01:42:04 EDT 1998

In message <m0z32vy-000CBQC at cleese.nas.com>, Dale Jones K5MM
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> Gents:
> Barry, W2UP, suggests changing the date of CQ-WW-CW to one that does not
> routinely fall on AMERICAN Thanksgiving.  Why in the hell do so many of
> you guys jump all over him for SUGGESTING that?  
> It's an AMERICAN contest
> The AMERICAN's set the date in the first place.
> There just MIGHT be a better date for EVERYONE.
> Maybe it is a BAD idea to change that date, but for gods sake, it should
>     be debated if someone wants to do so.
> I can tell you that the HALF of entrants who are American struggle with
>    that date, primarily for Family reasons.  
> The non-American guys certainly should have their say on when to best
>    hold the contest
> BUT----just because the date has been there since 1849, doesn't seem to be
> a particularly good reason why it should continue to be there.  At the very
> debate it openly and in good faith, without the sucky goody-goody attitudes!!
> 73
> Dale  K5MM
HI Dale + Group,
For me personally the date of the CQWW contests are not a major issue, i
do my utmost to ensure that i have ample free time to take part. I know
its not always easy especially for those with family responsibilties,
but to me CQWW is not just a contest, it is THE CONTEST, the ultimate
challenge and operating event in the calender. Whatever date CQWW is on
ill be there.. hopefully.
I wonder though could Dale elaborate on what he means by CQWW is an
AMERICAN contest? I have always thought of CQWW as a major WORLDWIDE
Hope this message dosnt fall into the sucky goody goody description.
Robert Cummings GI0KOW

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