[CQ-Contest] RE: Get rid of 0 pointers !

Vladimir A. Gordienko gord at kron.donetsk.ua
Wed Aug 5 19:23:27 EDT 1998

>Elimination of 0 pointers will maintain sanity of record tables, equalize
>things and boost the contest activity and our "dying" hobby. I think today
>"thing" in contesting is how many stations (and Multipliers) one can work in
>allotted time. Typically we make half of contacts in second 24 hours compared
>to first. So the saturation point and excuse that one would work Ws, rather
>than DX is not there. We will work anybody we can hear!!!

Absolutely 100% agree with Yury K3BU ! Great Idea!

1) Somebody says that CQ WW is DX Contest, so Europe to Europe QSO should
count 0 points and Europe to Other continent QSO counts 3 points...
Let me see...
Yeah! Such kind of contest already exist, that is WAE DX Contest.
2) "New Idea" based on Zone scoring method... Let me see...
Yeah! IARU HF Champinship is based on it (1-3-5).
3) CQ-M and some other contests use scoring system : 1-2-3 points according
to own country-own continent-another continent QSO.
1) There should not be any 0 pointer in the Contest.
2) "Zone" scoring method is more acceptable for big countries,
   "Country" scoring method is more acceptable for small countries,
   Any way, QSOs should count for example: 1-2-3, i.e. the difference
   should not be very big.

73! Vladimir "Bob"  UT1IA

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