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Sat Aug 8 15:55:22 EDT 1998

In a message dated 8/7/98 10:45:36 PM EST, Paul writes:

> They say you can't hear the difference between 100W and 150W.  Hogwash!  It 
> is not hearing that counts, since most operators use AGC.  150W will
>  the AGC over 100W every time, no matter how loud you "feel".
>  Paul, KB8N

I've seen this stated many times by many knowledgeable people, but it just
doesn't make sense in the radio world.  Can you really notice (or will your RX
"capture") a signal that is 1.7 dB stronger than another?  Certainly in the
realm of high tech digital communications thats significant and measurable.
In FM communications, thats barely enough to "capure".  But in the ear?  Give
me a break.  AGC is a LINEAR process. FM isn't.  I challenge anyone to be able
to detect a 1.7 dB difference in a simple audio oscillator/headphone test...
especially if the tones (or voices) are different.  Given two stations in
Podunk Junction calling me, one with 100W and the other with 150W, I'm much
more likely to go back to the one with either better propagation due to better
antenna/QTH, or simply better operating practice. 

Of course, if the rules say 150W is the max, then that should be observed. I
just wouldn't worry too much if my output could only get to 100W. Personally,
I wouldn't run an amp to make up the difference, but I have no objection if
someone else does. I figure thats their problem, not mine.

73, Al  AD6E

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