[CQ-Contest] QSL Bureau Fee Structure

Dave Greig dgreig at ix.netcom.com
Tue Aug 11 13:04:47 EDT 1998

As a sorter for the W5 Buro,  I do have cards that pile up into the pounds
for certain dxer's and contesters, in most cases, I do have envelopes for
these people.  But my main comment to the group is if you have changed your
call  make sure you have envelopes at the buro for each one of your calls
past and present.  I have cards piling up for people who have changed there
calls, but have neglected to keep envelopes for the old calls at the buro.

Dave Greig N3BUO
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>At $4.00 per pound (about 155 cards), the cost is slightly over 2 1/12
>cents per card. Even if you double the existing fee to $8.00, it's still
>just over a nickel a card. If you can beat those prices to all
>participating bureaus, please share with the rest of the group. I seem
>to remember that 15-20 years ago, Jessee, W3KT, charged $.05 a card for
>outgoing QSLs.
>As to having POUNDS of QSLs at the incoming bureau, if envelopes/postage
>are kept on file all the times, barring a foul-up by the local bureau
>(volunteer) guys, pounds of cards for one station should never
>73 es pse QSL via buro,
>Jim, N4IR
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