[CQ-Contest] QSL Bureau Fee Structure

Milt Jensen, N5IA miltj at aepnet.com
Wed Aug 12 08:07:32 EDT 1998

At 05:15 PM 8/11/98 -0500, Dale L. Martin wrote:>>

>If you have POUNDS of QSL's at the incoming bureau, might I
>recommend a couple of options:
>1.  Drive to wherever it is your QSL volunteer lives:
> a.  bring a pizza and beer to recompense him/her his effort and
>displacement by the POUNDS of QSL's,

Good morning Dale,
        I like this idea.  It's a bit over 1,500 (yes, one THOUSAND FIVE
HUNDRED) MILES from my QTH in the western end of the 5th District to the W5
Bureau Hqs. in the eastern side of the 5th District.
        I can load up the family in the Suburban, take a vacation trip to
get my cards, and write it off on my Ham Radio budget.  The beer will be
warm and the pizza will be cold when I get there, but it is the thought
that counts.
        If I do this once a year, then the Suburban should be able to
support the QSL poundage.  BUT, if I miss one then it's U-Hual time.
                                                73 de Milt, N5IA

        BTW, was there an ulterior motive to this suggestion??????

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