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  Hi Guys,

    I think IARU is unfortunately one of the Contests were it's easyer
  to break rules, not only for the MS.  Mixed mode and the risible log
  checking of the past, are a very big temptation (incentive) for a
  number of stations, expecially those who hardly, or never get, a good
  result in a CQWW.  Strange facts of the life, like that to have
  sparkling results in mid summer, beeing in the austral emisphere, on
  the low bands too.  Everyone is free to believe whatsoever he likes,
  and until there is no proof of cheating, any type of explaination has
  to be accepted, even the most incredible.  Personally I'll find very
  useful if IARU contest would finally introduce, after a serious log
  checking, and possibly starting from 1999, a 10 minutes rule not only
  for the band change but also on mode change.  I've the (strong)
  suspect that 2 (or more) S&P, one SSB and one CW on the same runner's
  band can be very "tempting" and very "effective" to "cure" some
  average rate to a winning one.  Just another man's opinion.

  Vy 73 

    Mauri, I4JMY.


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