[CQ-Contest] Repair for FT1000 and FT1000mp

Lary Reader readerl at aurora.sunyocc.edu
Thu Aug 13 01:50:12 EDT 1998

Anyone know a "better / faster / just as competant / not on the other side
of the country" place to get both an FT1000 and a FT1000mp fixed?  I don't
think I can get the fast turn around I need from Yeasu.

I guess it had to happen eventually.  KD4D, the op currently on St. Croix
at WP2Z, lost the FT1000 during the WAE CW (luckily we alsways keep a spare
radio, a 751A, at the station just in case, so he was able to complete the
contest.  Did real well too, 1.8 meg) and now my "at home in Syracuse"
FT1000MP autotuner won't operate properly.  Need to get it fixed quickly so
I can make sure we have a competative radio at WP2Z for the fall contest
season.  I fly down September 9th for WAE SSB and want to bring the mp with
me so I can swap it for the 1000, bring back the 1000, get it fixed quickly
and then retrieve my mp before CQWW CW.

Any suggestions for alternative repair points other than Yeasu in CA would
be appreciated.  Thanks.

Trustee, WP2Z

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