[CQ-Contest] Activity in WAE and WRTC

Tine Brajnik Tine.Brajnik at GUEST.ARNES.SI
Thu Aug 13 18:49:07 EDT 1998

HI Dave and all others,

I would like to correct you Dave that we (organizational committee of
WRTC2000) have not put WAE on the list of contests which should count for
WRTC. Please read our communique again and you will find just possibility
that for EU our European HF championship should count (it is a conditional
statement). And final decision is not made yet so selection criterias could
be modified. We will announce all in due time.

But question on WAE is raised on the right time. Being quite active in all
WAE contests last twenty years found noticeable decrease in activity. Past
CW one I can find many 2 or 3 minutes gaps between QSOs even though bands
(15,20,40) was wide open. Due to QRC traffic this contest is the best one
from my point of view but it seems that organizer just do not have "lucky
hand" choosing the rules. We all remember different operation times in past,
different multiplier scale, different categories etc. If trend will go on
then soon WAE will not be considered as first class contest anymore. I would
decrease number of QTC to 5 instead 10, make contest shorter and try with
much more publicity since this one is European "ARRL DX contest".


Tine S50A 

At 17:10 12.08.98 -0400, G4BUO wrote:
>Bill W4AN asked why the low level of activity in the WAE CW contest
>from several areas of Eu, including the UK.
>I raised this about four years ago on the reflector. I love the QTCs, they
>add an extra skill element to the contest and are a long way from the
>meaningless exchange of the CQWW.
>The specific reason I, and several other G contesters, do not enter WAE 
>any more is because DARC have competely ruined the single operator
>section by allowing packet. I'm sorry but for me it isn't a single-operator
>effort if you use packet. Some major contests like the CQWW have 
>introduced a packet assisted category for those who like to let others find
>their multipliers for them. Unless DARC do this for the WAE, I'll make a
>handful of contacts just for a bit of fun but I am not interested in
>Let's not start another assisted versus unassisted debate. We'll get the 
>usual misguied protestation that packet is just another aspect of 
>technology. It's actually far more than that, because the packet user 
>is getting other people to do the searching for him in (near) real
>time. If I put a couple of receivers in the room next to the shack and get
>friends round to find mults for me that would be multi-op, so it makes no
>sense that the same setup via packet is considered single op.
>So, at present WAE isn't "Worked All Europe" - only some parts of Europe.
>That is why I am very sorry that the organisers of WRTC 2000 have included
>WAE in their list of contests which count for qualifying, while leaving out
>the ARRL DX contests which are much bigger events. Maybe they might
>change their minds? I'd like to go to Slovenia in 2000 but my three Eu wins
>in ARRL CW count for nothing as far as that is concerned.
>Dave G4BUO
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