[CQ-Contest] The Ideal Club

Lee Buller k0wa at southwind.net
Thu Aug 13 15:01:12 EDT 1998

The guys at No SSB International have a good idea that might just take off

How many of you guys are unhappy with the local club because the are a
bunch of yahoos?

Back in July, I started the Kansas Flatland Amateur Radio Contest Club.  It
is a club that has no dues, no officers, and no meetings.  It will not own
a dog-on repeater nor have any club-owned equipment.

Here are the requirements to join....

I.  You must have Email and particpate in the exchange of ideas on email

II.  You must have a radio that can transmit between 1.8 and 30 MHZ or in
the NON-FM bands at VHF and UHF.  Primary operating modes must be something
other than FM (Although you can use FM, but it cannot be the primary mode
of transmission)

III.  You must live in Kansas...have lived in Kansas....might live in
Kansas...or just interested in Kansas

IV.  Conditions of Membership

1.  Submit an amatuer radio resume to a member who will sponsor you membership

2.  The resume will be distributed to the membership.

3.  A vote will take place for memebership via the whole membership.
Membership must accept the person by 90 percent margin.  Abstentions are
counted in the negative (you cannot waffle)

3.  Each year you must submit your annual activity to the club membership.

a.  A member must particpate in at least two amateur radio event each year.
 Examples are:
		1. Contest
		2. FD (It isn't a contest)
		3. Hamfest
		4. Informal Ham Radio Coffee
		5. Help someone with a technical problem
		6. Get on the air
		7. Stop surfing the net and do some DXing

4.  Members can change any of the criteria with a 90 percent affirmative
vote with abstentions counted in the negative.

5.  A person can be voted out of the club for any reason, but the vote must
be 90 percent affirmative to exclude the person with abstentions counted in
the negative.

Last Comment:  I am really burned out on local clubs.  This is what makes
the lists so marvelous because there are so many people of like minds.

Lee Buller
k0wa at southwind.net

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