[CQ-Contest] 24h for WAE ? ...hmmm

i4jmy at migate.ampr.org i4jmy at migate.ampr.org
Fri Aug 14 11:05:00 EDT 1998

  WAE contest is the only real European contest, as well as I wouldn't
  like if ARRL goes to a 24 hour period, I'm strongly against a 24 hour
  period for WAE and all the other major contests.

    Also ARRL has dead periods in Europe, but the meanwhile it happens
  here, N.American stations are easyly working other areas than Europe.

    The real gap for WAE, expecially for cw, is to take place in mid
  summer were not only the propagation is awful, but a great number
  of europeans is having holydays with famylies, hundreds miles away
  from their shack.

    It wouldn't be wrong to finally move the best contests in the near of
  equinoxes (moving away and shortening to 24 hours hundreds of minor
  events) giving more fun, and symilar opportunities to all parts of the
  world in serious events.

  Vy 73,
  Mauri,  I4JMY

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