[CQ-Contest] WAE my opinion

Frank Grossmann [DL2CC ex DL1SBR] Frank at grossmann.com
Sun Aug 16 22:55:07 EDT 1998

Here is my very biased and selfish opinion...

WAE should have/be:

24 hours. You can work double DX QSOs from EU in IARU WC which is in the
same summer conditions and 2/3 time for a single op. So don't tell me
W1,2,3,4 is not S9 on 20m in August... Listen, I am just getting fu... bored
on a sunday afternoon calling "CQ DX TEST" exactly knowing that you can hear
most of the U.S. on 20 or 15 with loud signals but you worked everybody
already on saturday... Sometimes you have rates down to 20 QSOs an hour but
everybody being S5 to S9! Or - increase activity to double. DARC's official
opinion is "wait for the sunspots". I call that long term thinking...
Also I'd rather like go to a swimming pool on sunday afternoon.

Less points for a QTC than a QSO. Last year I had to call a top U.S. entry
exactly 15 times with "QTC?". Keep them, though. They are incredible fun.
Especially coming from K3WW (missed his this time) or W2UP.

Support low band QSOs. That would increase the total QSO figures as well as
the fun on the low bands. Right now only low band multipliers count more.
Why should anybody stay on the long bands. When the U.S. states still were
multipliers I remember that you worked tons more of U.S. stations on 80m
because the DX guys got lots more callers. 

I don't have a very strong opinion on using packet. But I share Barry's view
on eliminating the doubt on who is really using it and who not (as like in
IARU WC where few easy packet mults more could make quite a difference).


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