R: [CQ-Contest] A modern Multi Single or.........?

Fabio I4UFH i4ufh at contest.dsnet.it
Tue Aug 18 23:42:39 EDT 1998

Well, probable Steve ZC4BS has not a good memory, the K3EST
CQWW Contest Handbook claim 3895 QSO 111Z 356C for a
score of 5.244.877 points......

No mention about the 28 hour ... a great Job in ...'91 from Asia in
a CQWW, were he need to work almost outside continent to
be on the Top, and obviously EU are the main target for an Asian
station with a semi-rare country.

But the question is another, the contest is another, in another period
of the year with another rules and twice mode, shorten period, and
mainly in another continent... and  more QSO that 3895 .....

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