[CQ-Contest] QRP Sprint Team members needed!

Monte Stark ku7y at dri.edu
Mon Feb 2 20:57:04 EST 1998

Hi All,

Anyone out there care to join the Sprint fun using QRP? 

Mark is going to keep the QRP scores marked so we can tell who we are!

Come join the fun and show us how it's done!  :-)

If you are interested drop me an e-mail.

73,  Ron, KU7Y

NRA Life------Ex W6JXO, DL4RF, N7CRV------SOWP #5545-M
QRP ARCI #8829----NorCal #330----QRP-L #17-----ARS #49
AR QRP #150--------DM09cg---------New Washoe City,  NV

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