[CQ-Contest] EAST vs. WEST in ARRL Sweepstakes

W5fx at aol.com W5fx at aol.com
Tue Feb 3 20:42:00 EST 1998

In a message dated 98-02-03 18:34:46 EST,  Dave K1VUT Writes:

<< 	5's are certainly loud in New England.  Perhaps they are loud
 everywhere.  Everything else seems to be bigger in Texas, so probably 
 they are using Texas Kilowatts... :-)

Just remember, Dave....not ALL 5's are in Texas!!    ;-)

73 de  Mike W5FX

(A Texan who's one of the K7UP gang from New Mexico!!....Yea, I know, John
should get a 5-Land call if he's gonna have a station that SOUNDS like a
5-Land station!!)

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