[CQ-Contest] NH/VT QSO Parties

Tom Frenaye frenaye at pcnet.com
Thu Feb 5 19:56:42 EST 1998

In case you need a bigger contest fix than the NCJ CW Sprint this weekend, 
don't forget the New Hampshire and Vermont QSO Parties.  Both go for 48 
hours - 0000Z Feb 7th until 2359Z on February 8th.  Rules for the VT QP 
are in Feb QST and CQ.  I've attached the NH Rules below since they didn't 
make it into QST this time.  Maine used to have a QSO Party this same 
weekend but this is an "off year".

				73 Tom

1998 New Hampshire QSO Party

New Hampshire QSO Party, sponsored by the NHARA, contest period 0000z
Feb 7  to 2400z Feb 8, entrants may work any 24 hours. Down times must be
a minimum of 15 minutes and indicated in log. Work stations once per band
and mode.  No repeater/digipeater QSOs.  Single transmitter, 
multi-transmitter, large club (more than 50), small club (50 or less), 
QRP( 10W or less), low power (less than 150 W), high power, mobile and 
above 50 MHZ classes.
Exchange signal report and QTH (county for New Hampshire stations;
state/province/DXCC country for others).    CW--30 kHz up from the bottom
of the 160 to 10-meter bands (excluding the 30, 17 and 12 meter bands) and
30 kHz up from the bottom of the Novice subbands; phone--the first 25 kHz 
from the bottom of the general portion of the bands and the entire Novice
10-meter phone band; VHF--50.200, 144.200, 146.55.  Count 1 point per 
QSO, 2 points per CW/digital QSO and 5 points per phone QSO, 10 points per
CW/digital QSO with Club stations WB1CAG, K1BKE, K1NCR, W1WQM, W1UWS and  
KC1XG.  New Hampshire stations multiply by total New Hampshire  
counties/states/provinces/ one DX country worked (max 72).  Others 
multiply by total number of New Hampshire counties worked (max 10). 

Send logs postmarked by March 31, 1997 (include SASE for results)
to North Country ARC, Richard C. Force, WB1ASL, 12 Cottage St., Lancaster,
NH 03584-1903.

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