[CQ-Contest] decoupling chokes for relay leads (late)

Steve Zettel zettel at homer.libby.org
Mon Feb 9 10:27:50 EST 1998

Sorry for the delay; several people asked that I summarize the answers to
my question about whether RF decoupling chokes were necessary or advisable
for the relays in a remote (or shack-located) antenna swtching box.

Out of about a dozen replies, NO ONE had ever run into a situation where
they were necessary, or cured any RFI problems from or to switchboxes with
RF chokes or toroids on the relay or control leads.

Most folks found .1 or .01 uf 500V ceramic caps to be useful or necessary.

About a third said don't forget MOV's from lead to ground for lightning or
induced surge protection.

Thanks to Jay WX0B, Array Solutions, for the reminder not to forget the
diodes across the relay leads!

Steve Zettel  KJ7CH
near Libby, MT USA   	Where we don't need no stinkin' chokes!

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