[CQ-Contest] decoupling chokes for relay leads (late)

Steve Zettel zettel at homer.libby.org
Mon Feb 9 19:04:30 EST 1998

>Just read your summary. A thought that occurred to me, though, is that in
>the W1FB article I remember, he used chokes, but they had nothing to do
>with RFI.
>As I recall, they were to raise above ground (at AC) the DC ground end of
>the relay, to prevent RF from arcing from the wiper to the coil.
>Does that change your ``stinkin' chokes'' philosophy at all?

Hi Kelly,

I saw that article, too, and in my original inquiry I guess I focussed on
the RF aspects. No one replied though that they found chokes necessary for
ANY problems. Not to say that the arcing isn't a concern in some
installations. . .

I've decided to forgo the RF chokes for now (and I am planning to switch in
and out a matching capacitor to handle QSY from CW to SSB on 80M, so VSWR
shouldn't get too far out of hand). I'll post to the group if the chokes
become necessary.

Thanks for your input, and 73

Steve  KJ7CH   Near Libby, MT, where MAYBE we don't need no stinkin' chokes!

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