[CQ-Contest] Re: IARU contest results

Roman Kudlac om3ei at rainside.sk
Tue Feb 10 10:42:32 EST 1998

The only problem of IARU contest is that The Contest Comittee simply
REWRITE the numbers from logs into QST. I compared high claimed scores
of first 3-4 HQ stations with official results. There are no differences
in last 3 years! Do you believe there is no mistake in the log with 10k Q's?

Do you want to win 1998 test? See the winner 1997 score, add 2-3 millions
and send it. Or count each QSO with 5 points. The Contest Committee will
accept it. Don't believe? Try it...

Roman OM3EI (OM7HQ member)

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