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Milt Jensen, N5IA miltj at aepnet.com
Tue Feb 10 21:36:09 EST 1998

Hello fellow contesters.  My current station location is on a small home
lot within the confines of a country community.  Consequently, I am limited
in the quantity and types of antennas that I can install.

For a couple of years I have been searching locally for an area where I can
construct a world class contesting station.  I have paid particular
attention to the locations which would allow multiple transmitting arrays
and extensive Beverage receiving antennas for the low bands, especially 160
Meters.  Top Band is my first love.

As I live in New Mexico, but with the Arizona state line only 3 miles
distant, I have been on the lookout for property in both states.  My side
of the line is in quite rare Hidalgo County (CQ Zone 4) and the Arizona
side (CQ Zone 3)is in even more rare Greenlee County.

At this time I have located 3 contiguous 40 acre parcels (120 acres total)
in a developing ranchettes area of rural Greenlee County Arizona that would
provide an excellent Top Band/HF location.  These parcels are in an
isolated corner of the development.  State of Arizona cattle grazing land
is on two sides and a canyon separates the parcels from the balance of the

The elevation is 4,500 feet ASL and is some 4 miles from the base of the
Big Lue Mountains.  Takeoff angle limitation is a maximum of 5 degrees to
the North and Northeast with less in all other directions.  Approximately
1/2 the total acreage is relatively level for station and tower
development.  The balance of the land is small canyons which would be
superb for installation of some Beverages in certain azimuths.  The nearest
private land that is developed is approximately 4 miles distant.

On the New Mexico side I have located a full section (640 acres) of
undeveloped land that is some 3 miles distant from the nearest habitations.
 It is completely surrounded by US BLM cattle grazing land.  This property
is 4,300 feet ASL and is on a mesa (plateau) some 25 miles west of the Big
Burro Mtns. and the Continental Divide.

The total acreage is capable of supporting antenna systems as there is but
a few feet of variation in elevation over the whole plot.  Takeoff angle
limitation is a maximum of 2 degrees.  

Both properties are for sale for very reasonable prices.  Both properties
would require some development, primarily the installation of electric
power distribution lines.  That is one of my main assets.  My primary
occupation is in electric power distribution as a ROW agent and line design

My wife and I have seven children; two that are supposed to be out on their
own, three in college, and two in the local school system.  Consequently I
do not presently have the means (nor is the prospect on the near horizon)
to adequately pursue this endeavor on my own.  I do have all the tools,
talents, and resources to physically develop the location(s).

The reason for this post is to inquire if there might be someone(s) out
there in radio contest land that would be interested in partnering with me.
you more information about the properties and the area in general.  We can
discuss ideas for the station, my resources, and my capabilities for
constructing and managing the station.  Perhaps there is something two or
more can do that one alone cannot accomplish.

Thank you for your time in reading this post.  73 de Milt, N5IA

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