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Fri Feb 13 09:47:20 EST 1998

Unfortunately, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Besides CQWW,
there is little log checking that is done and even then it is haphazard at
best.  CQWW has a great bunch of guys that are dedicated and skilled in the
art of log checking.  They are all volunteers.  The ARRL as far as I know
has none of that, and that will have to change before you can expect
accurate and consistent log-checking from them.  From my experience, most
of the time they just post what they get with no checking at all, and
unfortunately a few people seem to be trying to take advantage of the
situation and getting away with it.  I'm sure some of it is ignorance, but
at the top levels I doubt that's the case.

An even worse scenario is when guys who send in electronic logs get
scrutinized and the paper logs dont!  I know for a fact that this has
happened in SS and that it has altered results in some of the top finishes!
I'm sure a lot of guys have noticed this and for that reason send hard copy
instead of soft-copy.

Two things need to happen:  ARRL needs to form skilled volunteer
log-checking teams and/or they need to insist that all the top logs are
submitted as a compatible computer file in order to be eligible for records
or awards.  That way at least basic log checking can be done by computer
without typing in logs.

73, Ty K3MM

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