[CQ-Contest] Outgoing "W" QSL's

Fred Roberts froberts at pe.net
Sun Feb 15 12:13:51 EST 1998

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TOMK5RC at aol.com wrote:

> Are there any more outgoing QSL services that will take stateside
> cards? I
> have a stack of cards from USA guys who did not send SAE/SASE that I
> would
> answer if I could just stick them in one envelope and pay a fee. The
> county
> hunters used to have several of these services but I can't find any
> listed in
> the mags or on the net.


The USA QSL Buro ws the only outlet, but they gave it up several months
ago stating there was a lack of interest.  I found that out when I
received my 2" stack of cards back.  There are two Buros for the County
Hunters, however, they are not general-purpose Buros for any US cards.

I would urge you to put stamps on the cards and mail them.  After all,
isn't "a QSL the final courtesy of the QSO" or doesn't that apply to
contest Q's?

Fred Roberts, W6TKV

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