[CQ-Contest] Call for Speakers - 1998 Dayton Contest Forum

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Mon Feb 16 07:55:17 EST 1998


The 1998 Dayton Contest Forum will be held Saturday, May 16. I have several 
slots open for speakers.

I am looking for top-level speakers to give talks on High-end Contesting 
topics. If you are interested, please contact me with a short summary of 
your proposed presentation. Acceptable topics are: station design, 
equipment comparisons, contest DXpedition experiences, operating strategy 
and techniques, and other hints that might advance the state of the art in 
our sport. Presentations should be about 30 minutes in length, and visuals 
such as videotape, slides, overhead foils or computerized materials are 
acceptable. Printed materials and handouts are not required, but are 

"Antenna-only" topics should be submitted to K3LR, Chairman of the Antenna 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Contest and DX Forums will **NOT** be held in "the same 
place as usual". Several alert readers noted that the fine print on page 3 
of the Dayton Hamvention Pre-Show Brochure states that the DX and Contest 
Forums will be held at the "larger, quieter facilities at Meadowdale High 
School". Bus service will be provided (it's actually pretty close - you've 
probably driven by the High School for years). This change was made for 
several reasons, according to Hamvention management (of which I am not a 
part). In particular, the theater curtains used to cordon off "Room 1" are 
in need of repair and the electrical service for the audio/vusial needs of 
the Forums needs work. Show management cannot afford these repairs 
(several kilodollars' worth) this year. There is absolutely nothing that can 
be done about this situation for this year...if it proves to be a major 
disruption, we (all of us; there's a Web site for the Hamvention at 
www.hamvention.org) can request that we be moved back to Room 1 for next 
year. If it turns out to be better, then we can thank them using that 

I look forward to your proposals, and look forward to seeing you all at 


Doug Grant K1DG
Chairman/Moderator, Dayton Hamvention Contest Forum
k1dg at contesting.com

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