[CQ-Contest] QSL'ing

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Mon Feb 16 22:48:43 EST 1998

Fred Laun K3ZO wrote:

> All the talk about how people should send an SASE if they expect a QSL 
>in return just shows how mercenary we have become as a society.  I can't 
>see where people are worse of economically than they were 45 years ago 
>when I started -- most of them are a lot better off.  What we have is 
>simply a greater degree of selfishness which no amount of intellectual 
>gloss can hide.

Hi Fred.  I can't agree with that statement. A lot of guys are in the 
same boat as I am.  I lost my job of 32 years in November so my company 
can make more profit. Now I have a lot more important things to spend my 
money on than a piece of cardboard some one can throw in a box or a 
drawer.  After every contest I get 50 to 75 cards. Multiply that by $.32 
and it runs into a bit of an expense for someone living on unemployment. 
I think if someone wants a card, it won't hurt them to stick in an 
envelope and a stamp. If they want an award, thats fine, but don't expect 
me to pay for it.  Some people are on a fixed income too, and QSL'ing can 
get to be quite an expense.  If it were only 1 or 2 cards, it wouldn't be 
so bad. I can only imagine what the QSL load must be for guys that make 2 
or 3 thousand contacts. If I want a card, I will stick in an SASE. I 
would appreciate it if everyone else would do that too. 73

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