[CQ-Contest] Re: K3ZO on QSL'ing

John Warren nt5c at easy.com
Mon Feb 16 22:55:58 EST 1998

Gee, am I about to disagree with Fred, even slightly? I must be nuts!

 |All the talk about how people should send an SASE if they expect a
 |QSL in return just shows how mercenary we have become as a society.
 |I can't see where people are worse off economically than they were
 |45 years ago when I started -- most of them are a lot better off.
 |What we have is simply a greater degree of selfishness which no
 |amount of intellectual gloss can hide.

I send an SASE not because I think the person at the other end can't afford
return mail, but as a courtesy. I don't need or collect U.S. cards for any
award, so it isn't to assure a return. It's basically a way of saying
"thank you" in advance. When I receive an SASE with a QSL request, I have
the same "good feeling".

John, NT5C.

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