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Mon Feb 16 18:25:35 EST 1998

If I put a stamp on every US bureau card or card with no SASE that I get
(thousands a year-mostly for expeditions), I would be absolutely broke (rather
than the relatively broke that I currently am!!) I would probably be
unemployed as well, since I would have no time to go to work, since I would be
doing QSLs all the time. 
I do try and return DX QSLs (eventually - via the bureau) and US cards with
SASEs or via WF5E go out within a day or so of their receipt.   

Note: If you want a QSL from a W station (or a W QSL mgr.) and don't want to
spring for an SASE, use the WF5E QSL Service. For 15 cents or so he will
bundle your card with others and send an SASE to the manager. It makes it easy
for your card to be answered by the US station...

I would love to see someone like the ARRL open up a domestic QSL bureau, but
until then, I find it very difficult to answer US QSLs with no SASE.

In a message dated 98-02-16 00:37:26 EST, you write:

<< Tom-
 The USA QSL Buro ws the only outlet, but they gave it up several months
 ago stating there was a lack of interest.  I found that out when I
 received my 2" stack of cards back.  There are two Buros for the County
 Hunters, however, they are not general-purpose Buros for any US cards.
 I would urge you to put stamps on the cards and mail them.  After all,
 isn't "a QSL the final courtesy of the QSO" or doesn't that apply to
 contest Q's?
 Fred Roberts, W6TKV >>

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