[CQ-Contest] QSL'ing

Monte Stark ku7y at dri.edu
Mon Feb 16 16:41:22 EST 1998

Hi Fred,

You said:

"No wonder they go somewhere else for their fun and the hobby is drying

I have been hearing this since I got my first license in 1953. Seems
that there was something like 50,000 hams in the US of A back then. Are
you saying there is less than that now?

Everyone who has a license must be on during the big contests for guys
to get those big scores!

And I agree with the fellow who said the real problem is the time, not
the money! After making a JA run from Idaho, I used to cringe just
thinking about all the cards I was going to get. (At least I could use
the buro, but it still takes a lot of time).

And MANY from both US and DX are done in bulk. There are some JA's who
must have sent me 50 cards all for the same band over the years!

Luckily most of my contesting is with QRP so I don't get into the big
volumes that some do. But I do agree that there is nothing "courteous"
about sending cards without SASE or at least a label.

I can understand and agree with the "final courtesy" concept when
talking about rag chewing!

But the hobby drying up?? No way!

73,  Ron, KU7Y

NRA Life------Ex W6JXO, DL4RF, N7CRV------SOWP #5545-M
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