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Dan Copeland dcopeland at wwn.net
Mon Feb 16 19:57:29 EST 1998

I have to agree with Fred. I cannot belive the responses I have read on this
reflector. 50 to 75 cards at .20 each comes to between $10 and $15. That is a
small price to pay so the contesters with their mega $$$$$$$ stations can have
someone to work in the contest! 

If you want to put down the certificate hunters, look at what you are doing.
If I read the magazines right the most a contester can win is a plaque. Of
the main prize is in the bragging rights. How much is that worth? I bet its
than $10 to $15. 

As far as the price increase is concerned. When a stamp was $.01 how much
did a
house cost? How about a car? To bad the little people don't keep track of the
contesters that do not QSL and just simply boycott them. They could put the
into a jerk database and share it with others just before a contest and
save everyone
a lot of trouble and just not work the jerks! That would solve the problem.

I do agree that DX stations and QSL managers should get an SASE. 
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