[CQ-Contest] I don't QSL

Bob Patten n4bp at bc.seflin.org
Tue Feb 17 01:41:29 EST 1998

You are not alone!  It was interesting to read your post since we seem to 
have the exact same experience and attitude about QSLing.  I threw away a 
collection that filled a bedroom chest of drawers many years ago and 
instructed the ARRL bureau to discard any QSLs they received for me.  I 
do reply to cards that include SASE's but do not save the cards I 
receive.  When I run out of my current supply of cards (rubber stamp), 
don't know how I'll handle it.
I do save QSLs that I receive for QRP contacts and a few others that I 
find interesting (just received one last week from eight year old Becky who 
has an Extra ticket!).  I also have a collection of cards with "BP" 
suffix, probably about three dozen of them.
Answering the cards that include an SASE is a minor annoyance, but the 
sender did spend 64 cents and probably needs the card for WAS or county 
awards.  Oh, I also do not log by hand any more.  All QSO's, contest or 
otherwise, are logged on NA.  The only writing I seem to do any more is 
to sign my name on checks to pay the bills.  :-(

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