[CQ-Contest] Email log transmission

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Wed Feb 18 17:30:27 EST 1998

James P. Cassidy wrote:
> Can anyone give me any help on how I can send log files with the Compuserve
> Info manager?  As far as I can tell it will only allow me to attach one
> file to a an email.  For some of the contest submissions there are 2 or 3
> files that have to be sent.  I am not very smart about advanced computer
> tricks, so this may not be very hard to do.
> TNX in advance, 73 Jim KI7Y

Hi Jim. You can do what I did. Copy the files to send in a directory and 
zip them. Then send 1 zipped file.  Eddie says he will accept a zipped 
file and I think a lot of the others will too.. 73

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