[CQ-Contest] 9M0C will not contest in ARRL!

Eugene Walsh EWALSH/0004504465 at MCIMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 20 01:47:45 EST 1998

Someone said:.........
     >From the 9M0C Webpage:
>!   The group will not operate the ARRL CW contest this weekend. Rationale
>!   is that they would only work the big guns all over again and wish to
>!   focus instead on giving out more "new ones", and on specialist
>!   bands/modes/short openings.
     The group will stay fully operational until around 0600z on Monday
     23rd and will keep 10MHz CW going until 2400z, just a few hours before
     the plane arrives to take them back to Sabah.
     My request:
     Guys, PLEASE keep 1824.5 clear during 1130-1530 UTC of the ARRL
     contest.  They will only be on three more days, two of which are
     contest days.  PLEASE don't CQ from 1824 to 1825 Saturday and Sunday
     mornings.  JA's: PLEASE do not QSX USA from 1824 to 1825.  I am a
     contester too, and owe many new ones due to activity in the contests.
     But let's keep clear of their frequency this weekend!  
     Thanks to everyone in advance for giving us one last chance before
     they leave.
Something is strange about this picture!  My only chance to work
them is in a CONTEST!!!
Who the hell is "THE GROUP"?  How do they know what a new one is??
Do They really have you convinced that they are doing you a favor
by stiffing you in the contest?   These guys are having the time of
their lives, believe me.  All they have to do is say "599PWR" to every
W they work, and everything would be fine.  Are they going to boycott
W's?? Perhaps only op where the band is not open to W??  Are W's going
to be sending them W type money?? Have we become fools??  Have we always
been fools?? If Paul and Charlotte went back there, they would again work 
everyone with a smile- including fellow contesters.  Anything else is 
Are you (WE) really going to avoid a band of frequencies in the contest 
so that someone can maximize their number of "Money senders"???  Are we
going to hear something like "No contesters please, this is a business!"??
I am a little out of touch, I guess, cuz I don't know who these 
"Philanthropists" are, but boycotting a contest just sits wrong
with me. Especially one that I'm gonna be in.
As ever,
            Mr. Able

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